• Twenty 50x50 Pixel Icons for a Fantasy Game

    Assignment: In the context of a medieval fantasy-themed game, the task was to design a set of twenty circular icons, each measuring 50x50 pixels. These icons represent various items, crafts, skills, and more.

  • Twenty 65x65 Pixel Icons for a Fantasy Game

    Assignment: In the context of a medieval fantasy-themed game, the task was to design a set of twenty circular icons, each measuring 65x65 pixels. These icons represent various items, crafts, skills, and more.

  • Fantasy Icon Set for Website (Interface, Icon Panel)

    Task: The task involved creating an interface with an icon panel for the main page of a fantasy-themed website. The set includes 8 icons, and the remaining panel features buttons for registration, login, and other functionalities, along with fields for entering a username and password.

    The showcased icons include "Chronicles of Brokilon," "Forester's Advice," "Brokilon Factories," "Wonders of Brokilon," "Gallery," "Music," "Magic," and "Brokilon Tales."

    The icon panel seamlessly integrates with the website's main page. This section represents a portion of the complete work.

  • Medieval Warrior Icons for the Game (Set of 5 pieces)

    Task: Create icons for the game sized 128 pixels with an included frame. Each icon portrays a medieval warrior, including a garrison warrior, horseman, pikeman, archer, and swordsman with a two-handed sword.

  • Fantasy Game Items and Resources Icons sized 60x60 pixels (Set of 43)

    Task: Create icons on a white or light-gray background representing sets of items from the medieval era for a fantasy-themed game. The icons should range from the lowest to the highest-rated items. Each icon is 60 x 60 pixels in size. A set consists of a series of items associated with a specific profession, progressing from broken to professional. Examples of items include fishing rods for fishermen, axes for lumberjacks, knives for herbalists, baskets for gardeners, pickaxes, and more. Additionally, there are icons for resources such as stacks of logs, pearls, vegetables, and so on.

  • Set of 48x48 Pixel Fantasy Game Icons (35 Icons)

    The assignment involved creating diverse icons, encompassing armor, weaponry, elixirs, magical artifacts, and beyond. What's displayed here represents just a fraction of the entire body of work. All icons adhere to the 48x48 pixel size.

  • Fantasy Game Icons (Set of 6 Icons)

    Assignment: I was tasked with creating 6 fantasy icons for the game menu. The game is set in a fantasy genre, and the icons represent key sections of the game (from left to right): Chronicle, FAQ, Crafts, Maps, Guide, NPC.

  • Set of 60x60 Pixel Icons for Armor, Clothing, and Weapons in a Medieval Fantasy Game (Total of 22 Icons)

    Task: The task was to create icons for a medieval fantasy-themed game, depicting various armor pieces and items at a 60x60 pixel size. Presented here is a set of icons used to represent empty inventory slots, signifying the absence of armor components, weapons, attire, tools, talismans, and more.

    The armor, for example, is categorized as follows:

    1. Helmet
    2. Breastplate
    3. Fauld (a skirt-like piece attached to the breastplate to protect the waist)
    4. Spaulder (shoulder guard covering the shoulder joint)
    5. Rerebrace (arm protection from the shoulder joint to the elbow, including elbow guards)
    6. Vambrace (arm protection from the elbow to the wrist)
    7. Gauntlet (gloves)
    8. And so forth.

    Upon acquiring a new item, the black-and-white icon is replaced with a colored one specifically corresponding to that item. Colored icons are created separately and are not part of this set.

  • Icons of Italian Gangsters

    Task: For a city simulator game, the challenge was to conceptualize and illustrate a set of icons featuring characters. The characters depict Italian gangsters. Presented here are 3 character icons, each sized at 110x100 pixels.

  • Icons for an App Interacting with Geotags

    Task: Creating an icon in various sizes (512x512 pixels - 128x128 pixels) for an application that interacts with geotags.
    The app overlays the flag of the country you're in onto photos taken in that location.

  • Sci-Fi Game Icons

    Task: Creating five icons for the game, each sized 60x60 pixels: "rating," "map," "to orbit," "hangar," "forum," and two additional icons sized 40x40 pixels representing active and inactive weapons – laser and missile. All icons are designed in a sci-fi, space-themed style.

    Later, other small icons were added, including "credits," "rocket," "fuel," and "armor." These icons are showcased on a dark background here but will be placed in the game interface during gameplay.

  • Glossy Fruit Icons 256x256 pixels for Matching Game (Set of 9)

    Task: The objective was to design icons for a Matching Game. It was decided to craft glossy fruit images with dimensions of 256x256 pixels. Anticipating their use in different sizes within the game, including smaller variants, the approach was to keep them simple and cartoonish.

    Here is the finalized set of icons.

  • Favicons Collection (42 Pieces)

    A favicon is a 16x16 pixel icon with a transparent or opaque background, utilized as an icon for a website or web page. Presented here is a portion of the favicon collection I crafted for different websites.

Game icons

Icons to click on

As part of a serious project, using free icons is absolutely "not comme il faut". They need to be professionally created from scratch.

I can order:

  1. icons for card or board games, computer games, or game applications. These are icons of characters, items, skills, weapons, etc. for games in fantasy, sci-fi  styles, pixel icons, and icons in other styles;
  2. website icons (favicons, buttons, pictograms, etc).

New icons for a site or program can be considered successful if:

  1. a set of icons is in harmony with the overall design;
  2. the meaning of each icon is read at a time;
  3. the format icons correspond to the tasks;
  4. icons are made in the actual style.

Let's pay due attention to these small details. Remember that one click on the icon opens the whole world.