My name is Andrew Dubravushkin.

I am an artist from Ukraine.

I specialize in creating art for board and card games, dark fantasy and horror illustrations, character design, tattoo design, graphics for games, and icon design. You can learn more about this on the Services page.

I get specialized education in Easel painting and Tertiary education.

I am almost always online and for the sake of an interesting project, I might even be willing to sacrifice a weekend or two. This is how much I love my job!

I draw only soulful illustrations

Sometimes one illustration is enough for a person to make a purchase decision.

One exact image prompts:

  1. buy and play your game;
  2. buy and read your book;
  3. buy your services;
  4. buy new products from your company;
  5. visit your site and so on.

For more than 20 years I have been creating such inspiring illustrations. Where every line makes sense. And merging into a single whole, these lines evoke corresponding associations.

Thanks to this, my clients achieve their goals.

Tertiary education and specialized education, significant work experience, and constant generation of new ideas allow me to quickly create high-quality products.


I successfully completed the tasks assigned to me

I draw in different art styles. I am ready to create exactly what you need, based on your wishes and the specifics of the target audience.

It doesn’t matter what field you work in and what exactly you want to order from me. The important thing is that you are now on this site. Looking for something very important to you.

Perhaps at this very second, you are thinking about starting work with me.

When will it happen?

Only you can decide.

I have already turned on my idea generator.

Just take a look at my work and contact me.