• The Map of Myrona: A Territory for a Series of Fantasy Books

    The map of Myrona, a territory for a series of fantasy books.

    Objective: To create a map for the Myrona region, which serves as the setting for a fantasy book series. The territory is home to a diverse population that includes elves, gods, other mythical creatures, and humans. The map showcases the varying climatic zones present in the region, ranging from the icy north to the balmy south. Furthermore, the territory is segmented into different kingdoms and other areas, some of which offer safety while others pose mortal dangers.

    The map was designed in a generous scale, measuring approximately 80 cm on one side. It was exhibited at the author's stand at the Gothenburg Book Fair in Sweden and is also part of a limited edition book series available in a smaller size.

  • Line Art-style Map of Myrona

    Assignment: A map was commissioned for the fantasy novel series set in the world of Myrona, showcasing the regions described in the first two books.

    The map is meticulously created in a black-and-white line art style.

    This map will be provided to purchasers of the second book as an insert that comes with the book.

  • Fantasy City and Surroundings Map

    Task: The task was to create an isometric projection map of a fictional medieval city and its surroundings for a fantasy game.

    Displayed here is a scaled-down version of the map (at the top) along with original-sized map fragments. The map's actual dimensions are 19,000 pixels by 10,000 pixels. The map features various buildings and structures described within the game's narrative. These elements are located either within the city, enclosed by fortified walls complete with towers and gates, or beyond the city's boundaries. Examples include the city governor's palace, watchmen's quarters, a bustling market, a grand theater, cozy taverns, hospitable inns, a busy shipyard, a well-equipped hospital, vigilant checkpoints, mage quarters, a productive sawmill, a bustling tannery, a peaceful graveyard, and more.

  • Isometric Fantasy City and Surroundings Map

    Task: The task was to create a map in isometric projection for a fantasy game, depicting a medieval fictional city and its environs. The map presented here is a scaled-down version, with the actual dimensions being 19,000 pixels by 10,000 pixels. It showcases various buildings and structures described within the game. These elements are situated either within the city, enclosed by fortified walls featuring towers and gates, or outside the city's boundaries. Notable locations include the city ruler's palace, guard quarters, marketplace, theater, eateries, inns, shipyard, hospital, checkpoints, mage quarters, sawmill, tannery, cemetery, and more. 

  • Pirate Treasure Hunt Map

    Task: The task was to create a treasure hunt map for a children's game. My client provided me with photographs of objects they wished to include on the map, such as playground equipment, clusters of trees, roads, and more. Additionally, maps of the Laguna Beach area in California, USA, were supplied.

    Treasure Hunt Maps are designed to pinpoint the locations of hidden treasures or prizes. They are utilized in games with children to craft an engaging search experience. Children follow the map's clues, enhance their navigation skills, solve riddles, and collaborate in groups to locate the hidden treasure or complete tasks indicated on the map.

    Typically, these maps are tailored to a specific location or venue where the game is conducted, be it a backyard, park, forest, city, or any other setting. The placement of treasures or prizes on the map typically corresponds to actual locations within that area, heightening the realism and excitement of the search experience for children.

    After thoroughly reviewing my client's information, I commenced the task and ultimately created a printable map layout. My client printed the map, and subsequently, his entire family enjoyed numerous entertaining hours playing treasure hunt games alongside their children.

Fantasy maps

Fantastic maps of new worlds unknown to you

Maps of territories, cities, and much more for games and books allow us to reveal the narrative deeper, understand the text easier and faster, and visually show the world that you described in your book or show in the game. I specialize in fantasy maps, usually medieval fantasy. I also draw ancient black-and-white maps.

I can order:

  1. Maps for board games.
  2. Maps for books.
  3. Maps for Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).
  4. Maps for computer games and more. 
  5. Treasure hunt map for kids.

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