• Tattoo Wolf

    Tattoo Wolf

  • Tattoo Aztec Style

    Tattoo Aztec Style

  • Tattoo Celtic Style

    Tattoo Celtic Style
  • Tattoo Celtic Dragon (redesign)

    The client turned to me with such a task. She needed to make redesign the existing tattoo, which she did a couple of years ago.
    The image of the dragon was chosen as a symbol of flight, power, and freedom. Also, the sign uses the zodiac symbol Taurus, I did not change it. The difficulty of working is the fact that it is impossible to change, namely, it is impossible to remove the already applied tattoo, you can only change the outlines, supplement, add some elements, and make it elegant. In this case, this is a tattoo for a girl, so grace was not in last place.
    Below is the final version of the tattoo, which will replace the existing one.

  • Trabal Pattern Design

    Task: Create a vertical tribal-style pattern. The original image will be utilized at dimensions of 80 by 15 cm (displayed here in a reduced size).

  • Celtic Tattoo

    Celtic tattoo

  • Tattoo Design in Maori Style for the Arm (Polynesia)

    My task was to create a tattoo design on the client's hand, drawing inspiration from Maori art. The presented image is a downsized representation.

  • Tribal tattoo Beast

    Tribal tattoo Beast

Tattoo design

Tattoo designs for unique men and special girls

Everyone wants to order a sketch of a tattoo from an artist who will approach the matter delicately. After all, this drawing will not be on soulless material, but on the arm, shoulder, and back of a person. And tells about it more than words.

Well, you have already found a delicate artist. I create black and white and color sketches of tattoos in the style of tribal, maori, celtic, animals and others.

You are provided with:

  1. unity of meaning and visual component of the tattoo;
  2. the authenticity of hieroglyphs and patterns;
  3. careful work of inscriptions and drawings.

The whole sleeves are boldly entrusted to me.