• Poster: Enchanted Hedgehog Romance

    Assignment: Design a 25x40 cm poster featuring an enchanting love story between two hedgehogs - a mithril elf boy with a bow and a mother-of-pearl girl, set in a magical, mysterious forest. The style is whimsical fantasy. Here's a reduced-size preview of the illustration.

  • Flat-style Illustration of a Cartoonish Tree

     Objective: Create a flat-style illustration depicting a giraffe with a parrot perched on its head, a hedgehog, and a paper airplane emerging from the tree leaves.

  • Flat Illustration in Cartoon Style for Website

    Objective: Design a flat-style illustration for the website with a theme of user blockage. The text will be positioned on the left side. This page is displayed to users who have been blocked from accessing the website.

  • Freelancer's Summertime

    Objective: Illustrate the July page for a freelancer's calendar. The illustration is crafted in a flat style and is presented in a reduced size. It humorously reflects on the theme of freelancers' freedom and the paradoxical ways in which they may undermine their autonomy.

Cartoon illustrations

Illustrations reaching the goal

Pictures aren't just for kids. A rare adult is left indifferent to illustrations for books and magazines. And, by the way, this area also has its own little masterpieces.

I will draw illustrations according to your order:

  1. to fairy tales - and they will evoke the most direct children's emotions;
  2. to stories and novels - they will immerse you in the atmosphere of the work;
  3. to songs and poems - they will give the key to understanding the depths of meaning;
  4. to articles - they will decorate and explain the material.

Here you can order a picture even for the most complex projects because I work in different art styles - from cartoon to realistic.

People love to look and consider. Let's give their eyes something nice.