• Game Level Design - Dungeon Environment with Character Creation

    Task: The assignment involved designing a game level for a fox-themed game, including the creation of the fox character, animation implementation (animations are available in the portfolio), and the design of various game elements such as stone spikes, a save lamp, platforms in different sizes, and a background for the location.

    This dungeon level represents the darkest environment within the game, with subsequent levels becoming progressively brighter and more colorful. The current arrangement of the level incorporates various game elements seamlessly.

    The level dimensions are 800x600 pixels, and object sizes range from 14x34 pixels to 96x32 pixels.


  • Animating a Fox Character for a Game

    Task: The objective was to design a character and create its animation, illustrating key frames for a computer game. The character in question is a fox armed with a pistol.

  • Fragment of a Game Location for a Hidden Objects Game

    This project was crafted using a conceptual black-and-white render and a textual depiction. Setting: The 1980s, Great Britain. The ambiance is nocturnal, shrouded in fog, set in late autumn—evoking a somber, mystical, and ominous atmosphere. The scene unfolds within the director's office of an abandoned children's camp, untouched for over two decades.

Game design

Beautiful game design is half the success of your game

Free textures and icons are an option for schoolchildren who, out of sheer enthusiasm, create their first game in their lives. Of course, in order for the game to be appreciated by thousands of gamers, you need to invest in good, unique graphics.

In my opinion, the best game design is:

  1. atmospheric locations;
  2. charismatic characters;
  3. convenient interfaces.

If you want to order graphics for PC games, games for mobile devices such as smartphones (Android, iOS, etc.) or graphics for online games, please contact me and we will discuss it. Having studied the functional purpose of the space, I will ergonomically design it and fill it with the most expressive details.

Your game will have style.