How can I help you as an artist and designer?

I specialize in card game design and board game design. You can order illustrations for cards, order card design, board game design, icon design, tokens, stickers for meeples and everything else you need for your game.

I specialize in fantasy and dark fantasy illustrations. You can order fantasy and dark fantasy illustrations, also horror illustrations, dark art, noir, cartoon, etc.

I specialize in character design. You can order from me a character design for your book characters, a character design for your games, your company, and so on.

I specialize in concept art. You can order from me the concepts of characters, locations, environment design and so on.

I specialize in tattoo design. You can order a tattoo design from me in the style of Celtic, Tribal and so on.

I specialize in icon design for games. You can order the development of icons for games from me.


The specificity of the artist's services is such that payment is calculated for each project. I can work with you on a fixed price or hourly rate.

The fixed price is calculated according to your task. If you don't have an assignment or can't yet describe in detail what exactly you want to receive, I will provide a simple brief with 7 simple questions to fill out (for example, illustration size, preferred style, examples of what you like, and so on).

My hourly rate is $34.

The hourly rate calculation is more profitable for you.
Firstly, my experience allows me to work as quickly as possible.
Secondly, the total cost will not increase due to the price of possible iterations, additional sketches, etc. These risks are necessarily included in the cost of payment based on a fixed price.

Discounts do happen. If you need a large number of illustrations to order within one project.

Terms and conditions of work

  1. You describe your task. We clarify unclear points. If everything is OK and we agreed, then we move on.
  2. You make an advance payment. Prepayment is 1-100% of the project budget. I would be happy to receive payment through Payoneer. However, there are always alternatives.
  3. I continue my work. I draw a sketch or sketches and send them to you. We discuss it with you, I make changes if they are needed.
    I either refine the sketch or draw new sketches. I am sending this to you for discussion.
  4. Thus, I am finalizing the sketches to the final image or images. You control every stage of the work.
  5. You pay for the work in full, paying the rest of the payment.
  6. You get the final result in the file or files you need. I make edits if necessary.
  7. Enjoy!


I draw illustrations using a graphics tablet Wacom Intuos 4. I use software for artists such as Adobe Photoshop СС, Corel Painter.

Time to complete

The time of working on sketches for your project will take from 1 hour to 3 hours.

The larger your project, the more time it will take to reach the right concept and approve it if this has not been done before. Then we move on to finalizing the selected sketches to the final.

Contact me, I'm ready to take your order to work today.