• Deer in the Magic Forest for a deck of inspirational fantasy cards

    I had to draw an illustration for a deck of inspirational fantasy cards. Dimensions: ‎ 4.25 x 6.25 inches. The phrase that should be on the card sounds like this: The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. It was decided to draw a magical deer in a magical forest that opens up to the eyes of the seer.

  • Set of design development and illustrations for the Sauria game

    My client approached me with this task.
    For his Jurassic Park board game, I had to design and draw the following:
    1. Design the Player Card layout. This means that it was necessary to come up with the appearance, design, draw and place the icons of the player's abilities, draw a portrait of the character, and so on.
    2. Design 4 dinosaur cards, including illustrations for the front and back of the dinosaur cards.
    Here on the left are card backs with illustrations for all 4 types of dinosaur cards. They are divided into 4 types. At the top are the most dangerous for the player (black backside), below the safest for the player (green backside).
    On the left, there are 4 card faces with icons (carnivore predator, herbivore), (big dinosaur, small dinosaur), (dinosaur pack, one dinosaur) and so on. It was necessary to place this on the Player Card, add the names of dinosaurs, and their level of danger expressed in numerical value, and draw and place game dice of different colors in the right corner of the card.
    4. It was necessary to design the front and back of the Daytime Event and Nighttime Event decks.
    5. It was necessary to design the front and back of the card layout for the Encounter deck. This was to include an illustration from the front of the card that would serve as a background for the various text that would be placed on 15 or more cards. I also needed to draw an illustration for the back of the card.
    6. I also drew an illustration for a general background for dinosaur cards and one illustration for a Raptor pack for dinosaur cards.

    Here you can see these examples of my work that I show as a set.

  • Set of 24 cards for the board card game The Mystic Mountain

    Assignment: It was necessary to design cards and draw everything else for the board game The Mystic Mountain. This included drawing illustrations for cards, icon design, creating a logo, and everything else.

    Here is a set of 24 Virtues cards, which are divided into 4 elements - Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. The cards here are shown at 50% of their actual size.

    The game is called The Mystic Mountain. It is a mystical board game inspired by spirituality, mysticism.

    Here the author of the game shares the details of the creation of the game. https://vocal.media/gamers/the-mystic-mountain

    Work on the game continues, this is only part of the game.
    The development of the game was carried out in close cooperation with the author, so as not to miss anything and reflect the author's view of how it should look.

  • Box template for 24 cards of the mystical board game "The Mystic Mountain"

    Task: It was necessary to create a box template for 24 cards of the board game "The Mystic Mountain".

    In the center is the symbol of the White Flame, which is used in the game.

    When creating the design, this option was chosen with a predominance of brown, gold, sand, as this should send the player or viewer to the theme of antiquity, the desert, spiritual purity, secret knowledge, still hidden. Also, it was not supposed to resemble the design of previously created maps in terms of color scheme.

    Earlier, I designed the cards and drew illustrations for 24 cards. This set can be viewed here.

    Shown here is the design of the box without the bleeds that need to be included in the template. That is, now the viewer sees the box as it will come out after the printing press. In fact, a slightly different version is being made for printing, namely, including bleeds (an additional part of the box of size 6-8 mm) along the border of the box. Here the bleeds are simply hidden.

  • A set of 16 character stickers for meeples (game pieces) for the board game Ark Nova

    This is a set of 16 stickers featuring characters for meeples (game pieces) used in the board game Ark Nova. These stickers are meant to be applied to the meeples to provide additional visual variety beyond the standard, plain game pieces.

    The game features four teams of zoo employees, each with unique tasks such as contract negotiation and zoo management. The appearance of each team's costume is solely for the purpose of visually distinguishing them from other teams. In the game, all teams (red, yellow, black, and blue) have the same functions, and their costumes do not confer any advantages or highlight their strengths or weaknesses.

    The meeples in the game have a size of 15x16 mm. The stickers shown in the images are larger than the actual size used in the game.

  • A set of illustrations for a card game in humorous fantasy style (18 cards)

    My client approached me with this task. For a card game, I had to draw a series of humorous card illustrations with fairy tale fantasy characters in a harsh modern world. That is, in the world where we all live. I suggested doing it in such a fun style. Since my client was on a budget and wanted to test this idea first, I did it in a sketchy style as it's pretty easy for me. I drew each illustration from an hour to two hours to ensure we stayed within my client's budget. Here is a set of illustrations in a reduced form.

  • Designing Cards and Icons for a Dark Fantasy-Themed Card Game

     I was tasked with designing cards and icons for a dark fantasy-themed card game. Two versions of the card designs are presented here: one for Item Cards and the other for Event Cards. The Item Cards feature attack and health stats, as well as the card level displayed at the top, and were designed with corresponding icons. The Event Cards, on the other hand, do not have icons but all necessary information is conveyed through text on the card.

    In addition to the card designs, I also created a series of illustrations for this card game, which are showcased in my portfolio. With my designs, I aimed to create a captivating and immersive game experience that would appeal to fans of dark fantasy.

  • Illustration Set for a Dark Fantasy-Themed Card Game Deck

    Task: The task was to create a set of illustrations for a dark fantasy-themed card game deck. The set features illustrations of cards with varying values, ranging from common to rare to epic.

    The illustrations depict various scenes, including undead necromancers conducting experiments with Aetherium in a library, spiders crawling on the library's ceiling, a thief stealing a book, a guard stationed at the library's entrance, and several other elements, such as Aetherium and Bitcoin coins and statuettes.

    In addition to the illustrations, I also designed the Item and Event Cards for the game, which are also included in my portfolio.

  • Card design for a fantasy card game (set of 5 pieces)

    Task: The task was to create a design for cards in a fantasy card game.

    The cards were required to have frames of varying colors indicating their value.

  • Сет обложек и интерфейсов карт ко всем колодам для настольной карточной игры "Ашентарон: Возрождение"

    Задание: нужно было нарисовать обложки и интерфейсы с иконками всех карт для настольной карточной коллекционной игры "Ашентарон: Возрождение".

    Всего 9 колод по числу фракций (расположены сверху вниз, начиная от Смерти). Это колода фракции Смерть, колода фракции Жизнь, колода фракции Природа, колода фракции Нейтралы, колода События, колода фракции Порядок, колода Земли, колода фракции Технология, колода фракции Хаос.

    Размер каждой карты 63х88 мм. 

    Обложки (рубашки) карт для всех колод показаны в 1- м столбце слева (смотрите сверху вниз, начиная от Смерти).

    Также был разработан дизайн интерфейса и иконки к картам для каждой фракции. Расположены во 2-м и 3-м столбце.

    Во втором столбце слева представлены карты с максимумом текстового описания. Для них разработан дизайн, в котором текст заполняет все свободное пространство внизу карты.

    В третьем столбце слева представлены карты с минимумом текстового описания. Для таких карт разработан дизайн, в котором текст расположен вверху текстового поля. 

    Также были нарисованы иллюстрации для колоды Смерти, иконки ко всем картам и игровые фишки. Они также представлены здесь в портфолио.

    Первая версия игры уже вышла.

    Блог, посвященный игре: http://ashentaron.livejournal.com/ 

  • Иллюстрации, интерфейс, иконки для карточной коллекционной игры в стиле фэнтези (24 карты в этой колоде)

    Задание: Нужно было нарисовать иллюстрации, интерфейсы, иконки, обложки (по ссылке ниже) для настольной коллекционной карточной игры (ККИ) в стиле фэнтези.

    Подобней о разработке интерфейса, иконок, обложек можно узнать по ссылке:  http://jokermask.ru/categories/view#!portfolio_item_119

    Игра называется "Ашентарон: Возрождение". Здесь представлена колода Смерти. Интерфейсы, иконки и обложки для других колод по ссылке выше.

    На иллюстрациях изображены: маг-некромант, зомби, мрачный жнец, фиал душ, поедание умерших, инструменты гаруспика, мрачная вуаль, арбалет-вампир, засуха, зараженная почва и т.д.

    Размер каждой карты 63х88 мм. 

    Игра уже вышла. Первый обзор можете посмотреть по ссылке: https://youtu.be/Jckhqb0oPuk 

    Блог, посвященный игре: http://ashentaron.livejournal.com

  • Game Tokens for the Tabletop Card-Collecting Game "Ashentaron: Revival"

    Задание: нужно было нарисовать игровые фишки отрядов, фишки фракций и фишки изменения параметров игровых существ для настольной карточной коллекционной игры "Ашентарон: Возрождение".

    Фишки отрядов расположены вверху, ниже идут фишки фракций и в самом внизу находятся фишки состояний игровых существ, точнее изменения параметров карт игровых существ.

    В игре есть 7 игровых фракций. Для них нужно было нарисовать фишки отрядов. Они идут по порядку справа налево. Это фишки отрядов фракции Жизни, фишки отрядов фракции Технологии, фишки отрядов фракции Порядка, фишки отрядов фракции Природы, фишки отрядов фракции Хаоса и замыкают фишки отрядов фракции Смерти. Еще есть фракция Нейтралов, но для нее фишки отрядов не требуются.

    Ниже расположены фишки фракций. Они также идут в таком порядке, как фишки отрядов. 

    В самом низу расположены фишки изменения параметров карт игровых существ. Зеленый ряд фишек это повышение параметров (слева направо) защиты, здоровья и атаки. Красный ряд фишек это, соответственно, понижение параметров защиты, здоровья и атаки.

    Размер каждой фишки 22х22 мм.

    Игра уже вышла.

    Блог, посвященный игре: http://ashentaron.livejournal.com/ 

    Остальные работы, выполненные для "Ашентарон: Возрождение", можете увидеть здесь в моем портфолио.



    Task: To create artwork for unit tokens, faction tokens, and creature stat-altering tokens for the tabletop card-collecting game "Ashentaron: Revival".

    The unit tokens are placed at the top of the design, followed by the faction tokens, and finally the creature stat-altering tokens.

    There are seven factions in the game, each requiring unit tokens. The unit tokens are arranged from right to left in the following order: Life, Technology, Order, Nature, Chaos, and Death. The Neutral faction does not require any unit tokens.

    The faction tokens are arranged below the unit tokens in the same order.

    At the bottom of the design, there are the creature stat-altering tokens. The green row of tokens represents the increase in defense, health, and attack stats from left to right, while the red row represents the corresponding decrease.

    Each token is sized at 22x22mm, and the game has already been released.

    For more information about the game, please refer to the dedicated blog.

    To view other works completed for "Ashentaron: Revival," please visit my design portfolio.

  • Set of dark fantasy-style illustrations for the collectible card game "Ashentaron: Revival" (24 pieces)

    Task: The task was to create a set of illustrations in the dark fantasy style for a tabletop collectible card game (CCG).

    The game is called "Ashentaron: Revival".

    The illustrations are for the Death deck and feature various characters and items such as a necromancer, zombies, a grim reaper, a vial of souls, haruspex tools, a vampire crossbow, a drought, and infected soil.

    Each card measures 63x88 mm.




  • Game Board Design for the Board Game "Seven Desires"

    Task: The task was to create a game board for the board game "Seven Desires" that explores the concept of karma. The game board is composed of five planes of existence, namely the world of animals, demons, humans, angels, and gods. The players move across these planes by fulfilling specific game conditions, with the number of red desire stones required to ascend to the next level displayed on the right-hand side.

    This is a partial representation of the project, which also includes the design of cards, card backs, and the box layout.

  • Designing a Set of Cards for the Karma-Themed Board Game "Seven Desires"

    Task: The project required creating two decks of cards and back designs for the board game "Seven Desires" centered around karma.

    The two decks include the Deck of Desires (presented on top) and the Deck of Relationships (below). The design of both card backs and actual cards is showcased, featuring five cards as an example. However, each deck will have more cards, with 12 in one and 18 in the other.

    In addition to illustrations, icons were created, and the design for both decks was developed.

    Moreover, a game board and box wraps were designed, and they are also displayed in the portfolio.

  • Box design for "Seven Desires" Board Game

     Task: The task was to create a box design for the "Seven Desires" board game about karma. The design includes both the top and bottom parts of the box. Due to budget constraints, the game board I had previously designed was used as an illustration for the box. To ensure that the game board fits perfectly on the box, I had to slightly expand it.

    All the elements of this project, including the game board, cards, card backs, and box design, are included in my portfolio.

Board and card games

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I specialize in creating board and card games from scratch. I can create for you all the necessary art for your game. This is everything related to the visual component of the game, that is cards, cards layouts, boards game, tokens, boxes, and so on.

With my layouts, you can come to any printing house and they will print your card or board game for you.

I specialize in games in fantasy and dark fantasy, horror, but I can also make games for you in other styles, for example, in cartoon style, I also did those, and I have them in my portfolio.

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