How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo Design: A Guide to Symbols, Styles, and Meaning

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Thinking of getting a tattoo? Before you commit to a design, it's important to consider the meaning behind it. Tattoos can be powerful symbols that represent your personality, beliefs, and experiences.  But how do you choose a design that truly reflects who you are? In this article, we'll explore the language of symbols, the importance of grammar and proofreading, and the various tattoo styles available to help you find the perfect tattoo for you.


Awaken the grammarian within you well as the meticulous proofreader with a freshly-framed copyediting diploma on the wall, even if these traits lie dormant within you. Don't hesitate to consult an expert in Chinese for a hieroglyph that catches your eye. The shape of a character may be appealing, but it's important to know all of its meanings. Ambiguity is not uncommon, and it would be unfortunate if "freedom" turned out to mean "noodle" or "silkworm."

Ensure that your tattoo inscription does not offend Robert Bacon, James Murray, or even the primer (although they don't care, you still have to live with it). Unfortunately, illiterate inscriptions in Latin and other living languages are more common than you might think. Don't become one of those people who rely on a Google search to check the correctness of an expression. Open a reference book or encyclopedia instead.


Sometimes, a cat is simply a cat

However, this is not always the case. It is crucial to understand the language of symbols. The meaning of a tattoo may not be evident to you, but it can be entirely unambiguous to a specific group of individuals. At times, this group can be considered marginal. Through tattoos, they identify individuals who share similar beliefs, and it would not be desirable to have your tattoo identified with former prisoners, drug addicts, or Satanists, for example.

Nevertheless, the interpretation of a symbol is not always so clear-cut. For instance, in the past, thieves tattooed scarabs as talismans, while in the free world, it represents the sun, diligence, and luck. A cat tattoo might indicate to the police that the individual before them is a regular at correctional facilities. However, to others, a cat might symbolize magic, night, freedom, and independence. It is a complex and profound image.

If you feel that a symbol is entirely yours, then it does not matter if some interpretations appear ambiguous. Nowadays, tattoos decorate the bodies of individuals of all ages, social statuses, and worldviews, and the exclusivity of "body painting" is fading away, replaced by new meanings.

Presentation also plays a critical role. An artist can help transform the subject of the tattoo and create a sketch in a trendy style that complements you. It is not the tattoo itself that matters, but the individual who wears it.

Wino Forever

Yes, of course, your love is true and everlasting. Butterflies flutter in your stomach, and you are ready to tattoo Her name on your shoulder, back, thigh, or even forehead. But do you know whose names people almost never remove? Only those who have already departed from this world, because it is extremely difficult to become disillusioned with them. It's a sad fact that everything flows, everything changes. In this regard, it's difficult not to recall the story of a celebrity's tattoo. Johnny Depp once sported the inscription "Winona Forever" for a while. However, when Winona left, the passionate lover had to rebrand himself as an alcoholic. He couldn't come up with any better idea than changing "Winona" to "Wino.


Explore Tattoo Catalogs

Not to copy, but to discover something new. You may not even be aware of how diverse tattoos can be and the styles in which they can be rendered. In addition to the mega-popular styles like tribal, which perfectly accentuates the lines of the body, and Celtic, capable of turning anyone into a folk-rock star, there are also other styles. Perhaps one of them perfectly reflects your life philosophy.

Tattooing has been an art form for centuries, and it has recently gained popularity due to advances in technology and techniques. Nowadays, tattoos can be more detailed and intricate than ever before, allowing for a wide range of creative expression.

One trend that has emerged in the world of tattooing is a revival of old-school, colorful tattoos in a rock-and-roll style. Along with a fascination for steampunk, there has also been a love for biomechanical motifs. Perfectionists may choose intricate dotwork, while postmodernists may opt for a blatantly trashy image to adorn their bodies.

Whatever your style may be, studying tattoo catalogs can help you better communicate your desired design to the artist, resulting in a perfect result.


Think before you ink

What if you suddenly decide to change up your decor, social circle, or life priorities? Simply loosening your tie and polishing your Italian shoes to a blinding shine won't cut it. In 99.99% of cases, the average middle manager won't have any colorful "sleeves" to show off. But that doesn't mean you should give up on your dream of getting inked. Instead, consider opting for a placement that can easily be hidden from view. Choosing a part of your body that can be easily hidden from view can give you the freedom to experiment with different designs without committing to a permanent one. 

A great way to test if a certain style suits you is to get a temporary tattoo. Ask a tattoo artist to create a design for a body art tattoo and let them apply it with paint. This won't bind you to anything, and if your desires change more often than the direction of the wind in spring, "seasonal" tattoos are just what you need.

Temporary tattoos can be a great way to try out different looks and see what works best for you.


Remember, only a professional tattoo artist can create a unique, beautiful, and meaningful tattoo for you. With a tattoo executed from a professional sketch, you will look amazing and feel lucky. So if you're ready to join the club of tattoo enthusiasts, do your research, choose a reputable artist, and get ready to show off your new body art with pride!